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The Club holds monthly meetings year round and offers many advantages to members.

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It opens a door to knowledge, achievement, fulfilment and friendship.

Club meetings provide a stimulating environment in which Club members work together for common causes, with each benefiting from discussions and activities that inform, encourage use of talent, imagination and ingenuity, broaden outlook and cement friendships.

The Club gives the member opportunities:

  • To familiarize with BPW purposes, projects, programs and publications
  • To join in concerted action in promoting the Club's aims or causes
  • To share thoughts, experiences and knowledge with women in various occupations
  • To extend knowledge of community, municipal, provincial, national and international public questions and practices
  • To help focus public attention on the opinions of women
  • To develop qualities of friendliness, co-operation and leadership
  • To improve skills for self-expression and public speaking, for organizing functions and conducting public meetings
  • To enjoy friendship, fellowship and networking:
    • in the community with members of her Club at meetings and festivities
    • throughout the province with members from other Clubs at Regional/District meetings, conferences and seminars
    • across Canada with women from all provinces at Biennial Conventions
    • around the world with Club members in other National Federations and Associated Clubs of IFBPW, at IFBPW Congresses and seminars

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